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Lunar Path Plot
The world is slowly dying…
In a post-apocalyptic future where humans live in large domed cities surrounded by wasteland, wolves are believed to have been extinct for 200 years. But some wolves still remain. These wolves live by disguising themselves as humans to survive., who will follow the scent of the lunar flower on a quest to find paradise.


 Lulu's sheet

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PostSubject: Lulu's sheet   Lulu's sheet EmptySun Aug 19, 2012 11:53 pm

  • Full Name- Lesley Lu Spencer

  • Race- Wolf

  • Age- 19

  • Gender- Female

  • Interest-

  1. Cooking
  2. Sewing
  3. Medical type things
  4. Reading

  • Personality-
  • *Alert
    *Does what is right
    *Systematic (Organized)
    *thoughtful toward others

  • Strengths-
*Improved Strength,Speed and Senses
*Faster healing (does not work against lycan bites, scratches or silver
*Healing others
*Magic use

  • Weaknesses(at least 3)
*Can not heal quick from another lycan bite or scratches or from silver
*Can not leave something unfinished
*Hates Messes
*Ifshe is hit with silver in her wolf form, she will automatically shift
back to her human form, with or without clothing, depending on how bad
the hit was.
*If she works to hard for to long, she will get a horrible headache and her
vison will start to blur, the longer she worksafter her vision blurs the worse it gets. (This is because an old injury. Not genetic)

Lulu was born into a human family, her mother was a nurse and her father
was a doctor. She was born in the 18 springs ago on March the 2nd. When
she was 5 she was playing in the forest pretending to be a wolf when
she came across a mysterious and elderly women. Lulu who was sweet and
kind told the women of her love of wolves and the women seeing Lulu's
naturegave her the ability to shift into a wolf, she was now a lycathrope.
She was so happy and told nobody. Though at the age of 15 she got into a
fight with her group of friends and shifted in front of her mother and
her father. They where surprised to say the least due to not knowing
this about thier daughter, just their son,but they still loved Lulu.
They sent her up north to the local pack where Sam, her older brother
was to learn how to control her wolf. This was where she met Athena and
became a member of the Mountain Pack. She quickly clicked with a wolf
named Holly and became closer then sisters. Though Athena seemed to not
like Holly and picked on the submissive wolf. So when she woke up one
night to find Holly was gone she shifted and ran after her catching up to
her and walked with her and staying by her side. Then ended up forming
a two women pack. They are always near each other and will always be
best friends. Now they are in a new world and will stay with each-other
no matter what.

Lulu's sheet Dante-and-Lulu-banner
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Lulu's sheet
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