A place for wolf shifters to live without fear
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Lunar Path Plot
The world is slowly dying…
In a post-apocalyptic future where humans live in large domed cities surrounded by wasteland, wolves are believed to have been extinct for 200 years. But some wolves still remain. These wolves live by disguising themselves as humans to survive., who will follow the scent of the lunar flower on a quest to find paradise.


 medical practice ( freeze city staff)

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medical practice ( freeze city staff) Empty
PostSubject: medical practice ( freeze city staff)   medical practice ( freeze city staff) EmptySat Aug 18, 2012 11:33 am


Chief of staff- Lulu
Doctors- Open,Open
Nurses- Open,Open
Therapist- Open
OBJYN- Open,Open
Labor and Delivery Doctor- Open
Nursery Nurse- Open
Volunteer Nurses
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medical practice ( freeze city staff)
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